Corfu Town

Corfu is characterised as well by intense tourism. Corfu is very beautiful with a scenery which is green anywhere you look, magnificent beaches, hospitable inhabitants and it is the ideal travel destination for any type of holidays.

Corfu Town

From a morphological perspective the island is semi-mountainous and this characteristic contributes to the creation of natural bays which in turn create magnificent beaches. Almost all of Corfu is covered by hills, the most important of which are Pantokratoras, Stravoskiadi and Tsuka.

Inside the city of Corfu we come across two venetian fortresses and many old churches, important architectural monuments. Apart from the venetian monuments however there are a lot of sights that decorate the city, like the Spiniada, a beautiful plaza which is one of Corfu's most typical spots, the church of the city's saint, Saint Spiridona, the tombs of Kapodistria and Foti Tzavela - the latter being a fighter in the revolution - the place where the tomb of our National poet Dionisios Solomos used to lay and the Achilion palace, which takes its name from the statue of Achiles situated on its garden.

The Achilion has been used during the course of time as the aestival residence for numerous international personalities. In the city of Corfu we come across the tomb of our national poet Dionisios Solomos who lived his last years on the island. His bones were moved in 1865, however there is a sign devoted to the poet on the place of his first tomb.

The house in Mourayia where he spent his last moments is also conserved in pretty good state. Other sights include the ex royal summer palace "Mon Repo", the Archaeological and Chinojapanese museum of the city, the Public Library and the Town Hall of Corfu.

Casa Parlante museum - Corfu Town

Casa Parlante is a voyage back in time; in Corfu town’s historical centre, on Strada Reale (the commercial town centre and meeting point – Cale d’Erbe o dei Mercanti – today known as Nikiforou Theotoki Street) more