Corfu Island - Kanoni

The cosmopolitan Kanoni is a place of magical beauty and one of the most well know sights of Corfu. It is located on the homonym peninsula, that has beautiful seashores and beaches, South of the town of Corfu.

Kanoni offers a magical view towards the small island with the monastery of Vlaherena, with which it is united by an elevated strip of land, while in the background the legendary green rock, the Pontikonisi (mouse island) dominates with the monastery of Pantokrator which according to Homer was Odysseus boat that god Poseidon turned into rock during the storm that washed the legendary shipwrecked Odysseus on to the island of Faiakon. His last stop before returning to Ithaca.

Whatever time of the day you arrive at Kanoni, the imposing view will stun you.

The colors, the bright azure, the sea blue, the emerald green consist an oasis for ones eyes and senses. However the best moment to visit it is the time when the sun sinks into the deep blue water and the sky reflects orange and purple shades.

The route itself to Kanoni holds unexpected joys while the map condenses the history of Corfu in a few kilometers. The ancient town of Corfu that was founded in the 8th century B.C. and the ancient temple of Artemis are located in the area.

The whole area owes its name to the forts that the French created, an integral part of a line of conquerors, who left their indelible stamp on the emerald island of the Ionian.

To reach the small square, next to the tourist kiosk, from were you will be able to enjoy the view, you will have to ascend the hill of Analypsi. At that place the French Democratic' s had decided in 1798 to set up a battery, the legendary Kanoni (cannon) that dominates above the small square.

The entrance to the casino of Corfu is at Kanoni while it would be an omission if we didn’t mention the unhindered view, of the runway for landing and take off, of the airport “Ioannis Kapodistrias” and that attracts a large amount of observers.