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The Corfu island Land casino is set in one of the most beautiful locations of Corfu, the cosmopolitan Kanoni, with a unique view to the small island of Vlaherena and the Pontikonisi (Mouse Island), awaits the daring gamblers and the visitors to reveal its secrets.

The casino of Corfu is housed today in the Hotel Corfu Holiday Palace yet until the end of the decade of the 80s it welcomed its gamblers at the Achilleo at the palace of the empress of Austria Elisabet, the legendary princess Sissy.

The transfer was considered imperative as the grand palace was renovated in order to offer hospitality to the European Synod in June 1994 when Greece held the presidency of the European Union.

The balls in the roulette of the casino of Corfu have been turning since 1962, as it is the first government casino that has operated after the war in Greece. The other two are the casino of Parnitha and the casino of Rhodes. Initially it was of German interests as the Greek government had rented it with a 20 year lease, an event that benefited the historical place that was chosen as the German managers renovated the palace of the Achilleo as well as discover and buy many of the artifacts that use to adorn it and at different times had been sold.

The fans of the lucky games, the traditional board games as well as the slot machines, the well known froutakia, can visit the casino of Corfu daily from 7 in the evening until 3 in the morning and enjoy their favorite games on the grounds of a total size of 900square meters, after 8 in the evening: a total of 10 tables of American Roulette operate with four black jack tables, one poker table and 50 slot machines.

The casino of Corfu is only 4 kilometers from the Town of Corfu – you can reach it via the coastal road of the bay of Garitsa by Nausikas street – and 2,5 from the airport Ioannis Kapodistrias while visitors must know that if they wish to gamble they must be 23 years old or over, this must be proved by ID or passport.

Since 2000 the management and the belongings of the casino have changed hand from EOT (Greek Tourist Organization) to Greek Tourist Estates.

Casino of Corfu – Corfu Holiday Palace

Tel: 2661046941 – 42

Fax: 2661043022

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